Infants and toddlers are very sensitive to hunger and over tiredness. I try to meet their needs before they get hungry or tired, and a schedule really helps with that. If we meet their needs on time and give them lots of positive attention, they will be happier and will rarely have a need to cry, unless they are sick, hurt or teething.

Here is how our typical day will roughly look (times my change depending on kid temperaments and how group dynamics unfold) with your assistance:

Upon waking: Parent diapers, washes hands, gives child a morning bottle and or breakfast, and washes hands and face before drop off.

8am, early drop off, quiet music, bottles, snacks, books

9am, drop off
9am-9:30am, guided activity with markers, play dough, pasting, block building etc
9:30am snack, water, sunscreen
9:45am-11am, park – chalk, nature, sunshine, fresh air, singing, games, bubbles (small infants may fall asleep)
11am, walk back from the park
11:15am, diapers, wash hands, eat lunch, wash hands again
12pm, story time, circle time, songs, music
12:30pm-2:30pm, naptime
2:30pm, diapers, wash hands, snack, shoes, jackets, outside time
4pm books and toys until pickup